Tuesday, November 25, 2014

After 3 years... Judy found it!

It might have been even longer than 3 years that Judy has been looking, not quite sure, but today she found it when doing the laundry!

Judy's Brother, Garry, and his Wife Shelly, have been collecting a series of U. S. Quarter Dollars. I am not quite sure what is special about them however Judy found quite a few of them. One quarter remained illusive to her. She found it yesterday, and it is a 2003 coin, but the important part of this particular coin is if you look real close under where it says, "In God We Trust," you will see a very small letter "P". Ya, I know, pretty exciting day right?

It was a very overcast day here, but very warm...too warm almost! We spent the day taking care of business around the RV and doing a bunch of walking this morning. Good thing we walked this morning, as it rained big time this afternoon...

The picture above shows some rain, but it seemed to be raining harder at the time, than what the picture shows... how is that?

Next thing I was thinking about this evening after taking the picture of the quarter above, is the power of the macro lens on my iPad. They do make a great camera lens that is real small!

Of course many of you are aware that this coming weekend is American Thanksgiving. To celebrate this year, Judy and I are leaving here tomorrow morning and are driving up to Johnson City in Tennessee. It is on the far right hand side of the map of Tennessee you see above. It is about a 12 hour drive from here. We will stay probably to Sunday, and then head back to Florida. We have a bit of a mini vacation planed with the Hollinger Crew, and hope to get over to the Pidgeon Forge Area for some good time fun. More to come.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Good spotting on that quarter, Judy. I hope it's worth a lot.

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend coming up for you guys. Unless, that is, Dr. Shawn has some more wood chopping and splitting work to do.

  2. That coin is rare, I take it? What's it worth????

    What a nice trip you two have planned. To spend American Thanksgiving with you son, DIL and grand kids is awesome.

    Safe journey!

  3. Enjoy your Thanksgiving vacation with family.
    Safe travels.