Saturday, November 8, 2014


How does cold and colder sound to you with a bunch of cold rain thrown in just in case you started feeling good at some point during the day! That is what we got today...

Not much on the go, other that a quick trip to Wallmart, and 5 miles put inside the nice and warm and dry walking track we attend!

Judy is a "happy camper" these days, with the nice new table and chairs she scored at a Furniture Store here in Woodstock. It is just the perfect size for us, and the two wings on the table make it very RV friendly! It is all broken in though, as Deb and Gerard helped us with that last night during supper!

Chris and Kristina invited us in for dinner tonight, which was a great ham dinner prepared by Chris! Simply excellent! They had a real nice chocolate cake for desert tonight, and the kids really enjoyed! Kristina supplied these pictures of the kids with cake! Check out

Going to make a run up to Orillia tomorrow to see Mom one last time before get away day on Wednesday!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Brrr is right, get those last minute things done then away ya go.

  2. That was quite the comment from above. Phewww!!!!! I can't vouch for anything he wrote!

    That said, the cold and wet is a sure sign that the south is calling. To celebrate a nice dinner with the kids and the grand kids seems so fitting before your departure. That is a great shot of Charlie too! Hmmmm, hmmmm good!

  3. Charlie really knows how to eat chocolate cake - his method is picture perfect!!