Monday, November 3, 2014

Clean up day...

Temperatures have been hanging in here... very much fall kind of weather, but nothing real crazy yet, and if I can trust the long range weather forecast, it looks like we are good until Nov. 12th, when we will pack this baby up, and head for the Border! There is a bit of snow in the forecast for this coming weekend, but it will be a rain/snow combo so will not hang around, as it will not be going cold enough.

Judy went into to watch the kids for a while this morning, while Kristina was at the Dr.'s Office. All is going well with her as her 3rd child is scheduled for delivery in early March of 2015. I had some work to do today, so I stayed out at the RV, as the weather for today actually looked real good for outside work, and it was!

If you look at the front left side of the RV, you will see an awful is called a rake! Yup, today I cleaned up all those nasty leaves tAs you can tell, Chris and Kristina had a good plan on what they wanted to do with this room, along with lots of great decorating ideas and tricks. The whole family will get lots of enjoyment out of this new room!hat fall from the sky, and it also seems like 2 million of them blow to our lot from the rest of the park!

My job is made a bit easier, as I simply have to rake the leaves to the back of our lot, and sweep them into the bush. At least I don't have to bag them! Also when we get back to Woodstock next spring, I don't have to look at a whole bunch of dead leaves making a mess of our lot.

After all those leaves bit the dust, I carried on with the preparations of getting our motorcycles put to bed for the winter. We are not bringing them south this year, so they will stay inside their nice comfy enclosed trailer. I did some routine maintenance to them today, which included removing the batteries, and installing Stabil in the gas tanks which were filled up with premium gas.

Sta-bil helps to keep the gasoline from going stale over the winter, and prevents it from gumming up your fuel system. I also fill the gas tanks right to the top, to prevent condensation water getting into the gas.

I managed to tinker in the rest of the day outside, but it was nice to get the fresh air.

Our Park is pretty well shut down now for the winter. The water system is turned off and winterized. Our Park Owners are fantastic people, and they let Judy and I stay in the Park until we are ready to leave. We are able to fill our RV water tank off of a community tap that remains open all winter. Pretty quiet around here though without any other campers.

Till tomorrow...



  1. We love the quiet campgrounds. See you are wrapping up a few things, then you are on your way.

  2. I hate rakes too - nasty things.

    I'm glad you leave before us as I get all kinds of great reminders from you - like Sta-Bil for my lawnmower!

  3. Sounds like the clean up was not too bad. It is a sure sign that you are gearing up for heading south very soon.

    By the way John, we use a leaf vac. No raking leaves for us! Made by Toro, this electric tool sucks up the leaves, mulches them and then one empties the bag into the recycle paper bags for the recyclers to pick up. It is a cool tool that you might just wish to put on to your Christmas wish list. Just saying!!!!

  4. Haven't had to use a rake in 5 years, don't even own a rake :-)