Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget!

November 11th sure seemed a lot different this year, largely in part to the two recent deaths of our Service Men in Quebec and Ottawa. Usually Judy and I are not in Canada over the 11th of November, however this year we were, and made sure we attended the local Remembrance Day Ceremony in Woodstock.

There was a very large turnout for this Ceremony which was good to see...

There were many local Military People, Police and Cadets that attended, including all the local Politicans and Schools. It certainly was a beautiful day for the occasion, suny and 17 deg. C. today.

They had a flyover of the Ceremony during the moment of silence... Two local Harvard Aircraft made two passes and were simply stunning against the clear blue sky today.

After the Service, we enjoyed lunch with Chris' Mom and Dad, David and Diane, along with Kristina and the kids at the Broad's home. David and Diane attended the Service with us today.

This afternoon was spent with the final chores around the RV to enable us to leave tomorrow. We are now officially all set to go! Looks like the weather is going to cool off, so it is a great time to leave!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Bon Voyage! Safe travels and have a fun trip heading south.

  2. I echo Rick's words; Bon voyage! I bet it feels kind of nice knowing that you are heading to places that will return the shorts type weather you two enjoy. Safe journey!

  3. Yes time to get going travel safe and enjoy.