Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean up makes for a pretty busy day...

I was out the door with hose, and bucket in hand... wanted to get the RV washed up after 2,000 klms were put on just getting here. It was a mess. The weather was perfect here today for this work...slightly overcast but with some sun and temps around 70 deg. F.

I started up on the roof, and you can see the difference on the front, that I already washed. This gets dirty due to the leaves and trees we park under up in Woodstock.

I had all the tools of the trade out working on the job... music, pails, chairs for a rest... ladder, you name it. All hands on deck for this job today.

Can you tell what area of the canopy I finished??? Yikes... that is what a bunch of leaves do for you!

While I was up on the roof, I took a few shots of our Park. There is a lot of people here already this year, can you blame them??? In the pic right above, you can see two pull through lots right beside us that are still empty. Don't worry, they will come.

I started putting our site together, with our canopys, and our tire covers after all the washing and drying was completed. Worked till 4 p.m. this afternoon... whew... just like a real job. However, we are now all set up for the time we are here.

Judy got into the walking class today, and then followed that up with line dancing.... she will be in shape!

Till tomorrow...


  1. looks good John.......I have a friend in his motorhome currently at Crystal Springs.......he is trying to get into Saddlebag Rv Park at Lake Wales....that is the Park where Ron and Eunice Chaisson owner of Acadia Muffler has his trailer. Question what is the name of your park I can suggest it to him if the other doesn't pan out...


  2. Albeit the hard work, it does feel good when everything gets cleaned up. What a contrast after washing thevroof and awning. Keep it up John and you eill quickly have time for all the fun stuff.

  3. Wow! What a difference between the unfinished and the spic and span finished! Great job. Do you take appointments, or can we just drop in with our coach?

  4. Looking good, its nice to get things all cleaned up. Enjoy the wonderful weather

  5. You certainly are one great clean-up guy John. Thanks for the pics of your park taken from the roof.