Friday, November 14, 2014

Back to work!!!

Yesterday we arrived at Johnson City, Tennessee, and spent a great evening with the Hollinger Clan! Too much going on to blog, so have to make up tonight.

The weather has been on the cool side, hovering around the freezing mark, but that did not stop us from getting to work! Shawn rented the log splitter again, as we have lots of business for it!

Above is part of the pile we are working on to get split! Some still have to be cut with the chainsaw but we are getting there.

Most of the leaves have fallen, but still some to come.

Above is part of our production for today. Shawn was off today, but got called to the Hospital for a couple hours this afternoon as his services were required.

Check out the new pool... They are starting to fill it now. It is a monster 18 feet wide by 40 feet long. It will be all finished in about a month. (Heck, it might freeze tonight!)

We are having a blast visiting with the kids, and don't miss the Woodstock snow, back up in Ontario! See below...

Paige and I enjoyed some Facetime with Gwenny, Charlie, and Kristina this morning, and took a screen shot of the window view!

Till tomorrow...


  1. You could be skating in that pool by tomorrow morning! It sure is a beauty and will be well used by the grandkids next summer.

  2. You will be bust there for a while.
    Cold here in southern Alabama too, but we will get some warmer weather soon.