Friday, November 7, 2014

Waterloo Company!

Not too much going on here the past couple of days, as we get ready to take off for the south next week. Did get down to the Rexall Drug Store in Woodstock today, and arranged to have our flu shots! Gotta have those!

On our way into Town today, we did run into Gwenny and Charlie again, playing at the park! Kristina had them there, burning off a bunch of excess energy!

Here they are above, playing on the "splash pad: which of course, has long been turned off, but that did not matter to them! Hey, the sun was shining, but it was cool, but that made no difference to these kids!

This afternoon we were hosts to our good Friends, Deb and Gerard from Waterloo. After Gerard gave me proper you know what, for not stopping in to visit them last week while I was up in Waterloo to pick up our new bike rack, we settled down to help solve a lot of the current problems in the World. Of course you need a certain type of lubrication to be able to do this, and that was not a problem today! All problems were solved in short order!

Now, in the fore ground of the picture, you will see a small part of a new kitchen table and chairs that Judy and I picked up today to replace our old ones in the RV. Deb and Gerard helped us break them in, as Judy did an excellent job preparing a nice roast beef dinner for us all! We had a great afternoon and evening visiting, and lining up our plans to meet sometime next February, probably in Az.! Can't wait!

Going to have to find the long john underwear soon, as it is starting to cool off this weekend big time! Going below zero now at night time on a regular basis... 4 days to go!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Soon you will be on the road, to warmer places,

  2. Flu shots? Never had one in my life but I'm thinking about it this year even though I hate the thought of getting that needle stuck in my arm!

    Hope you get away before you get frozen in place.

  3. With the flu shots taken of and those sub zero temperatures, the draw to roll south is clearly calling. Good luck as you roll out next week.