Saturday, November 15, 2014

Is winter coming????

Winter must be coming to Tennessee real bad this year! I think Shawn has some kind if inside knowledge because check out the picture below...

We only spent half a day working on the wood today, but we did good! I figure Shawn must have close to 4 years of firewood here...we just keep on splitting! Beautiful sunny day here, but just a bit cool, great for working outdoors. Oh Ya, we also started burning some tonight!

This afternoon we made a trip out to the RV to check on Patra. She is doing well. The kids played in the park a bit...

The girls love visiting the RV!

After we left the RV we decided to visit Historic Rocky Mount. History dates back to 1791 here, when Rennessee was the 16th State to join the Union!

This would be the Cobb House, where it all started. They show you how people lived back in the 1790's including people in the role! Very cool, but no pictures please...too bad. Only outside pictures allowed.

It is a neat place to visit, lots of history here!

More wood work in the cards for tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I never understand that whole "no pictures, please" routine. What do they think they're protecting?

  2. You have been busy and you find some warmer weather soon.

  3. That fireplace looked like a good place to be on a cold winter night. All that firewood should last the winter no matter how cold it gets.