Monday, November 10, 2014

Back home tonight...

Back in Woodstock after a great weekend of travels, and enjoyed some 17 deg. C. weather! Just like summer today, as I was able to spend the afternoon outside taking care of some last minute things, getting the RV ready for take off on Wednesday Morning.

One of the most important issues in getting ready, is checking all tires that will be rolling on the road, and we have a few. 6 RV tires, that require 95 lbs of air when they are cold. All our tires have been replaced within the past couple of years, and they are all holding their air pressure very well. Only one small adjustment required on these. Our new Dolly is all set with 50 lbs. of air in each of the two 18 inch tires, so it is good to go, and all the Cruze tires were bang on at 35 lbs. I feel this job, is by far one of the most important, as you prepare to travel!

Spent a nice afternoon yesterday up in Orillia, meeting up with my Mom for lunch at the local Swiss Chalet. Had a great time, and then took Her on a shopping spree at the Orillia Square Mall. She was thrilled as she picked up a bunch of new cloths for the winter. We also got to stop in and say hello to Judy's Brother, Garry and Wife Shelly, as they prepare to come down to Orlando in December. We will be attending Disney for the 3rd year in a row now with them, and are really looking forward to it!

After all the visiting was done in Orillia, we headed back south to Richmond Hill and spent the evening with Tom and Cheryl. They put on a great dinner for us last night, and we all sat around talking till midnight! Had a blast... This morning we were up, had breakfast, and went for a 2 1/2 mile walk around the local trails in Richmond Hill.

That is Judy and Cheryl above checking out a river running through the trails.

They have a nice set of trails, all paved through this area, with a river running all over the place it seems... it was also a beautiful mild morning to get out and enjoy the nice air...

When I got back this afternoon, it was so mild I decided to take the Cruze into the local self car wash, and laid a big time cleaning on it. Don't worry though, there is rain in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. That will fix it!

Judy and I will be attending Remebrance Day Services in Woodstock tomorrow... Both our Dad's served Canada during the Second World War, and will be never forgotten!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Checking your tires is one of the most important items when travelling. I always check our tires every time we move our coach.

  2. You're right about tires - they can't be checked too often!

    Looks like a nice set of trails in that area for walking.

    It's very important that we always remember the sacrifices of our parents and others for serving.

  3. Like you, we regularly check and balance the air in our tires.

    Today, we remember those who faced battle to protect our democratic principles.

  4. Yup, you did good checking all your tires. We also added a tire pressure monitoring system that saved our butt twice.

    Love the pic of the path through the trees... with a few tree roots and steps here and there. Very comforting and makes me want to get out and walk one more time before the snow flies here in Wisconsin!