Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Turkey Day...

Another mild day in this area let us spend a fair amount of the day outside. This morning, I made a quick trip up to Waterloo to the Erb Street Canadian Tire Store, as I wanted to pick up a bike rack that they had in stock up there...( don't freak out Deb and Gerard.... we will still see you guys Friday... my time was limited today...lol) I am going to try out the new bike rack tomorrow so I will post about it then.

We took a nice walk with the kids later in the morning...

There were lots of leaves to play in for the kids as we made our way around...they loved it. In Woodstock, all you have to do is rake your leaves out to the Blvd. and they come around with a great big vacuum truck and suck them all up and cart them off! Very easy! Better than bagging them, that is for sure!

Judy and Kristina planned a great big old style Turkey Dinner for tonight! It turned out great!

That is not our turkey above, but it gives you the general idea! What a fantastic time with had, no one went home hungry, and lots of playing with the kids time! Gwenny was showing me how she plays on her "puter"... in the pic below.

She knows all her abc's, and can count numbers, she is all set for Kindergarden next year!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love Turkey anytime soon you will all set up and ready to hit the road.

  2. I'm a big Turkey dinner fan too.

    Good for Gwenny for knowing all her abc's and numbers - she is going to make a Kindergarten teacher very happy next year - smart little girl!!

  3. Isn't it interesting how we can be so busy in retirement?

    Walking in the leaves is a fun activity. To share a turkey dinner is great, anytime.