Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let the clean up begin...

Nice not to have to get up and fire up the furnace this morning, as it was about 68 deg. F. here, but did get a bit cooler during the day, but will start to warm up from here on in.

I could hear the Sand Hill Cranes this morning, but did not expect the welcoming party to show up on our lot! The 3 of them were in good spirits looking for breakfast.

I had to wash the car today, to get all the road grime off before we could take it anywhere... cleaned it all inside as well, and washed down the dolly and bicycles as well.

We stopped at the Office, and gave them a bunch of our money to allow us to stay a while...

They are re-building the pickle ball courts here... There was 2, now I think there will be 4.

We ran some errands at the Walmart in Avon Park this afternoon, and was thrilled to stop in at the gas pumps with the Cruze. It had less than a quarter tank of gas, and filled it right to the very top, for $29.50! Love it at $2.75 a gallon. Hope it lasts.

Weather is looking better going ahead, so will pick a day to wash down the Motor Home. Always a big job.

Felt sorry for a couple minutes today for the people up in Buffalo, and Western New York State. They have over a couple of feet of snow that fell. They even had to close the Peace Bridge Border Crossing from Canada! Heck, we just came through there a short while ago!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love the picture of the cranes!

    I put over a half a tank in the van today for $37. At first I thought there was a problem with the pump. Then I did a little jig.

  2. Lower fuel prices make up for the difference in the US/Canada dollar exchange.

    I bet it is nice to be getting settled in for the next while.

  3. Love the low fuel prices this year, great for travelling. We have friends live near Buffalo, he is a snow plow driver, looks like he will be putting in the overtime, getting ready to retire.

  4. You left the Great White North just in the nick of time.

    You need a day off from working!