Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On the road again...

Blew out of Woodstock at 8:30 this morning, all set to go! It was pretty cold though, as we got everything hooked up and ready. Funny how you seem to move a bit quicker when it is colder...

By 11:00 a.m., we hit the Peace Bridge at Fort Erie, Ontario, and crossed over into Buffalo. We even drove right up to the Border Crossing Agent! Wow. Even better, he checked our Passports, and asked us 2 question! Where are you going, and how long will you be there! After we gave our answers that he seemed to believe, he said "Have a nice day!" My kind of Border Crossing!

Everything went very well driving today, until we hit some construction south of Pittsburg, and only about 4 or 5 miles from our Campground tonight, in Washington, PA. (KOA) We were held up for only 1/2 an hour, but that is life. Pulled in, got hooked up and turned on the heaters... only 33 deg. F. here tonight, and probably going below zero. Tomorrow we will beat feet for Johnson City, Tennessee.

Do have a couple pictures for you all tonight... the first one is one that Kristina took of Judy and I with Gwenny and Charlie, just taken yesterday before we left.

Little Charlie can be a handfull when he is not in the picture taking mode, but Gwenny was all for it!

In the afternoon, we headed over to David and Dianne's place, and got a picture with all the Grand Parents at once!

...and we have a picture that Shawn and Jenn sent us, it was taken by a Professional Photographer back when I was visiting and doing up all the fire wood. Seems we may be back in the firewood business again this weekend. As a bonus we get to meet up with Paige and Emmie!

Back on the road tomorrow...


  1. Safe Travels and enjoy the warm weather....I will be following your blog

  2. Enjoy the journey, travel safe and have too much fun.

  3. Hoping you quickly get ahead of the cool weather. Good fun to be heading to you Tennessee family two. Safe journey.

  4. Your family photos are absolutely awesome! It'll sure be nice to see Paige and Emmie again.

  5. Safe travels - I look forward to escaping the Alberta cold when I visit your blog!