Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy busy Blogger...

Too busy last night to put the blog together, and besides, left our camera in at the kids place, so all my pictures were not available... so no blog... gives you a chance to recharge though.

Just as busy a day today, as it is 10:30 p.m., we just got in the door from travelling all day. Started off this morning driving over to Richmond Hill to visit Tom and Cheryl. Cheryl just recently had knee surgery, to replace her knee. This is major surgery, and she is now in recovery. Doing very well, and will probably kick my butt for posting this picture that I am about to!

She can get around with a walker and cane, but movement is slow. She had a therapy session when we were there, and hopefully she will soon be able to run the marathon again soon! We are sure hoping to run into her and Tom this winter down at Frost Proof! That is the goal!

Left Richmond Hill, and headed up to Orillia, about an hour and a half north on Hwy. 400 to have dinner with my Mom, and take another look at her computer. Seems it was not receiving it's email right.

Bless Judy's heart, she got onto Rogers Live Chat support, and the operator soon had control of my Mom's Computer, and in a jiffy had it all fixed up and receiving email again!

While Judy was busy taking care of the computer I was talking with Mom, who gave me all kinds of stuff from when I was a kid. Gotta love Mom's. One item was my High School Diploma from Park Street Collegiate in Orillia! Yes, I passed!

Check out this handsome dude above! Wow... what a great looking guy. Yes, it is me, probably when I am about 4 or 5 years old??? This was taken by the fireplace in our Family home, in City of Two Mountains, in the Province of Quebec. Yes, I was born in Montreal, and yes, I speak english! I know, hard to believe.

Gotta go and look through the rest of the stuff she gave me.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yes, gotta love moms. How sweet that she is sharing all these mementos with you now. Love the photo of the precious (and precocious?) five-year-old guy.

  2. The kid in the picture looks pretty innocent, John. Are you sure it's you??

  3. You sure had a busy day again, putting the miles on.
    Good that you got mom email working again too.

  4. Yeah buddy. When I get this new knee working you had better watch your butt!!
    You were a really cute kid John. Any idea what happened?
    Thanks for coming by for the visit yesterday and for the beautiful flowers.
    Love you guys!!

  5. Mom's seem to always know how to make us feel special.