Monday, May 27, 2013

Perfect day today!

Give Mother Nature credit, she got it right! Perfect day today... lots of sun, and about 20 degrees C. this afternoon.


We spent the morning in Town, with Kristina and the kids. Above you can see Judy and Gwenny tearing up the roller slide which is Gwenny's favourite by far...

Check out this 8 second video on Youtube and you will see Gwenny's favourite activity at the park... she can do this all day long!


We took the time to take the kids for a nice walk around Southside Park. Lots of water around here.

If you look careful above, this duck has 10 ducklings with her... just not all in this picture above...

These two Geese above, seemed to really like the nice landscaping provided by the City! Why not!

This afternoon we had to do a bit of shopping, and Judy had to re-do some blood work like I did. Got it all taken care of. Had time to do an oil change on my 750 Honda this afternoon, along with a couple small maintenance items. It was a perfect day to be working outside... had to put the canopy out so I could work in the shade. Bike all set to go!

While I was busy on the motorcycle, Judy was planting more spring and summer flowers getting our lot all fixed up for the summer.

Overall, just a great day. Enjoyed happy hour with our neighbour John who just arrived back up from spending the winter in Florida... about 20 minutes from where we stayed.

Judy is going into take care of Charlie this evening for Kristina and Chris... trying to get them a bit of sleep.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Another near perfect day of enjoying the good life.

  2. Okay, the roller slide is a first for me--must be a Canadian invention. Sure looks like fun. Glad you are enjoying such great weather.

  3. Glad to see you had a great day with near perfect weather too. We could use some sunshine out on the west coast about now.

  4. Looks like the weather is coming around, soon gonna be hot!
    My kind of weather.
    Time to get on the bike more.