Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lousy Weather = Lousy Blog???

The weather continues to not be good here... cold and wet again today. There is a promise of better things tomorrow, and we can only hope!

Well, I did watch Game 7 last night, along with Judy, Kristina, and Chris... even had my Leaf Sweater on, but it did not work. Seems the Team simply ran out of gas half way through the 3rd period. I saw a great comment in the Toronto Star today that stated, "Astronaut Chris Hatfield, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, both came down to earth yesterday!" Well said!

Kristina had to go and see her Dr. today, as her due date is this Friday. Judy and I were the designated care providers for Gwenny while she was away... Ended up spending the afternoon and dinner with them at the house.

Oh well, Go Sens Go! They will be in tuff against Sid the Kid!

Till tomorrow...


  1. The weather?
    Well it is what it is, same with the Leafs, at least they got this far.
    Summer isjust around the corner!

  2. Due date this Friday? Wow, that came around fast. Please give Kristina our best wishes and hope she has an easy delivery!

    I hate those Bruins and knew as soon as they scored the 4-2 goal that the Leafs had better not just sit back. Oh well, whaada ya do??

  3. Hated to see the Leaf's eliminated. Hope the Sens stay in as well, it's time for Stanley to return to Canada. Our best wishes to Kristina also.

  4. Tough game to watch! Boston was hungry for that win.

    Best wishes all around as you look forward to the birth of a new grandchild. Exciting times!