Saturday, May 11, 2013

Delinquent Blogger returns...

Yes, I am back... seems I have trouble finding time to blog lately... Yesterday Judy and I were off up to Barrie and Orillia, and did not return to our home base in Woodstock until 12:30 at night! Yikes... driving like a zombie again!


Here is Judy doing iPad research, while we wait for our appointment at the Scotia McLeod Office up in Barrie. This past year was a good year for the investment markets, and it put new meaning to the Scotiabank slogan, "Your richer than you think!" We had our annual financial review with Graydon Oldfield, our Financial Advisor, who told us we were having too much fun in our retirement, and it was no fair!

After we left Barrie, we headed right up to Orillia, as we were only 1/2 an hour away from my Mom, so it's the old kill two birds thing with one stone...

We wanted to make this trip on Friday, as we would not be able to get up and see my Mom this Sunday, which of course is Mothers Day!

Mom is doing very well, and getting ready to turn 90 in a couple months! We took her out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate Mothers Day, at East Side Mario's! What a great spot for dinner.

All three of us enjoyed a great Italian Dinner, as we were all hungry from doing some shopping!

Mom had an old TV, so we bought her a nice new 32 inch Sony LCD TV, along with a nice new stand to put it on! Mom is one Happy Camper!

Of course that is the Hockey Game you see on the screen... The Leafs won game 5 against Boston! That is why we did not get home until late, as we watched the Game with my Mom! Had to break in that new Sony Flatscreen right!

Mom is also having some computer problems, so today Chris and I went out to do some computer shopping for her in Woodstock, and came up with a nice rebuilt computer that should keep Mom going for a while. We did not get her a new one, as Mom is very familiar with Windows XP, and we were able to get a rebuilt machine that runs XP! Perfect! No re-training required for Mom! I hope I can still use my iPad when I turn 90!

Can you imangine this! 39 years ago today, I married the love of my life! Congratulations Judy! You have hung in there over the years! Lots yet to come!

Oh, and Gwenny came to visit me today, and LOVED my Maple Leaf sweater!

Till tomorrow...



  1. happy anniversary to you both!!!

  2. Great thing for a Leafs win. That is now my team....seeing as ours is out golfing.

    Nice touch with mom's new TV and dinner out and even a refurbished computer. What a treat for your mom on (near) Mother's Day.

    And 39 years with the same guy takes one truly great woman, don't you think? It's 38 years for us!


  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY..............


  4. What a lucky mother--a new tv and computer--score! Happy anniversary to you and Judy.

  5. Happy Anniversary.
    Thats a good thing to keep Mom on XP, doing the same with my mother soon to be 86.

  6. Happy wedding anniversary, John and Judy!! Well done, you have a great family too boot!

    Smart move on the computer for your Mom as well. So, if the Leafs had lost would you have taken your Mom's TV set back?? LOL!! She'll really enjoy the new one, Sony's are great!

    Hope Judy has a great Mother's Day.

    Go, Leafs, Go! I hate the Bruins!