Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phew...a day off to recover...

We sure had a great long weekend weather wise here in Ontario, but it did end in a Big Bang, as the thunderstorms hit later last night bringing a big light show with them.

Today we were real warm again, and although it threatened to rain, it never really did, so it was nice.

Son in Law Chris, loves his garden, and he got a good start at it yesterday.... here he is above in the early planting stages. This is a guy who draws up a garden plan on graph paper before he starts doing anything... he takes this very serious, and it is probably one of the best stress relief programs you can have, plus you get to eat your hard work! Now if he can only convince his cat that this is not the "kittly litter box"...

Driving into Town today, came across all this activity in a big old Farmers Field! They are getting ready to start building homes in this particular area... I could sit and watch this all day with the big earth movers!

Chris' Mom and Dad, along with Judy and I, are helping the kids out with some meals. Today, I made one of my special dinners, stuffed manicotti! I got it all ready, and delivered it to the house this afternoon. We will go in and enjoy the meal with them tomorrow night. I made lots of extra, so some for the freezer as well!

While I was in Town on the delivery, I found the kids all at the park playing, as it was so nice outside. I grabbed this picture above of Charlie sitting on the top of the stroller, which is now a double stroller, as Gwenny sits on the front in her seat! Very cool. Next year, this model will come with a small V8 motor operated from the back!

Penny for your thoughts!

While we were down in Florida this winter, Canada did away with the use of the penny. We now round up or down to avoid anything needing a penny when it comes to prices.


I do not have to carry around a pocket full of pennies anymore, that I never use, but don't want to throw away, as I am cheap, just like 99% of other Canadians! Wonder what happened to all those pennies???

Till tomorrow...


  1. Sad to see the farmer's fields go away, but guess that needs to happen.
    Your pennies will be worth more in weight than their face value.

  2. Looking forward to the manicotti tomorrow!! You two (and Chris's parents) sure know how to provide post-partum support, we are very blessed!

  3. That's a cool stroller. Wish I had had something like that way back in the olden days!

  4. That looks to be quite the garden Chris is planting in his backyard - good for him.

    Stuffed Manicotti? You are a man of many talents, John!

  5. Way to go on the kitchen duties, John. Helping the kids out is a rewarding duty - anytime.