Monday, May 13, 2013

Welcome to Game 7

Very improbable, but the Leafs are going to Game 7 against Boston! They will have to play hard tonight!


Went in to visit Gwenny for a few minutes this morning...

She was very busy playing with her toys....


Took a video of her racing her cars!

While driving around, saw these dudes working on the lines...check out the guy hanging on the ladder!

Too excited about game 7 to blog...gotta go watch the pre game show!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sure hoping for a big Maple Leaf win. Playing in Boston will prove most difficult - although not insurmountable.

  2. the game is done as is the season for the Leafs, sorry guys!

  3. Sounds like it was and exciting nail biting game, but was just not ment to be for the Leafs, too bad.

  4. Oh so close to moving on to Round 2 in the playoffs! What a nail biter that 7th game was. I am sorry your team is now heading for the golf courses.

    Hmmmm....I now need to find another team to follow!

  5. That was a tough loss for the Leafs - but, a tremendous learning experience for a young team. They'll be better next time.

    At least Gwenny doesn't look too upset!