Sunday, May 19, 2013

The way it was meant to be...

Finally we hit the good stuff today!


The sun was shining most of the day today, and it felt good! Many campers in our Park this weekend were out and about this morning enjoying the sun.

This afternoon Judy and I went on a tour of Paris, Ontario on our motorcycles... perfect day for it, other than we did not even take a picture. Great day for a bike ride.


Patra enjoyed the nice temperatures this afternoon, and made her way to lie out in the grass for a while...


Kristina reported that young Charles, was doing what a good young baby is supposed to do! Sleep! Seems he spent a good part of his second day at home catching up on his zzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Tomorrow is the big day! Rick is hosting a Google + Hangout, to bring a bunch of us Google + Rookies up to date on what is happening at Google Plus. Seems they always are changing things... just like when I worked at the Bank - nothing stays the same for long these days. Just want to express many thanks to Rick for hosting this video conference, he reports many people wanted to get on, but he could only accomodate 10 in total. Here is where you can read Rick's Blog!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad to hear you finally had good weather and could get out on the bike. Enjoy the hangout and learn lots. Hopefully I can make it to one when he does it again.

  2. A day trip to Grand Bend, the beaches and the fleamarket on a Sunday is a nice country drive.
    So much to see on Ontario's West coast.
    Looking forward to the "Hangout!"

  3. Thanks, John, I appreciate your comments.

    Charles is one healthy looking little guy. Sleep and eat, sleep and eat - what a life!!

    Wait a minute - that's all I do too!!

  4. Glad to see the nice weather has arrived in Ontario, and that you are out enjoying the bikes again. See you later in the HangOut.

  5. Google hangout, nice sunny weather, a motorcycle ride, a sleeping baby is all good! No complaints from your side of the country, eh?