Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Blogger is back!

Never got the blog put together last night. I was in Orillia all day visiting and helping my Mom out. It is a 250 klm. run from Woodstock up to Orillia, and is about a 3 hour drive one way, and call it a 4 hour trip home, as it was Friday afternoon which is crazy in Ontario, as everyone thinks it is time to go to the cottage!

Needless to say I was whipped when I did get back. Never took a picture while I was up there either...not very good for a Blogger! However I did get Mom's computer up and running for her thanks to our Son in Law, Chris for doing all the work on it. I also picked up a new 32 inch Sony LCD TV for Mom, as her old set had some pretty wild lines running through the old screen. Mom is one happy camper today!

This morning Judy and I went into the kids house to help out with a project. In the winter, a big wind storm had knocked over a section of their backyard fence, breaking 2 post. This had to be fixed!

Above Chris and his Dad, David, and his brother Kevin, use a jack assembly with a chain to lift the old broken post out of the ground. It was encased in concrete so it took a bit of work.


Trying not to take out the raspberry bushes while working away...

We had lots of help, and the one section of fence had to be removed to take the fence post out. It ended up taking us most of the day to complete, but we got there!

Chris and I are setting this new post in, am I ever working hard!

Come around lunch time, all the worker bees are hungry, so Mr. Sub sandwiches came in perfect! What a beautiful day we had to do this job!


Of course our main supervisor kept a close eye on all the activity going on in her back yard!

Well, off to watch game 2... hoping the Leafs will bring it on tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. You have been busy. I do like your supervisor though. And it seems she kept you guys on task too.

  2. Care to come for a visit? Free room and board...oh did I mention we have about 5 sections of fence that need repair !!

  3. With all those workers it was a good thing Gwenny was there to crack the whip and keep you guys on task.

    Leafs played great in Boston tonight!

  4. That was a quick trip to Orillia and back but at least you mom is happy again.
    Don't much care for that Toronto traffic on friday especially.
    Weather getting nicer everyday.