Friday, May 17, 2013

Charles makes a break for it...

After a couple days in the Hospital, seems the Staff came along this morning and told Charles he had to pack his bags and head for home! Time to make his break!

First he had to find his finest "Little Brother" shirt, as you want to be appropriately dressed to make your break!

First the Nurse had to check him out in his car seat to ensure he was tied in right... he passed inspection, and we were soon on our way...


Of course Gwenny had to do her own inspection of the car seat... all seemed good to her!

All strapped into the Mazda... ready to travel.

Welcome home Charles!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great to see the whole family back home. I'll bet Gwenny is thrilled and very curious about her little brother Charles.

    Charles is a real cutie - what a little tummy on him, he looks like he really enjoyed hospital food!!

    We're really looking forward to the arrival of our first grandson next month!!

  2. More grandchildren, more fun.
    Welcome home Charles.

  3. What a nice homecoming! Can't think of a better reason to get turfed from a hospital.