Monday, May 6, 2013

But Doctor, I'am a Leaf Fan!

First thing this morning, Judy and I picked up Kristina and Gwenny, and made tracks for London. I had a 8:45 a.m. appointment with my Dr. Last night I think I had a dream that I was at my Dr.'s Office, and he said that I couldn't watch Game 3 tonight against Boston, as it was just too hard on my heart to watch. Phew, thankfully it was just a dream!

I had some nomal things to arrange, blood work, etc. and had to make arrangements for another scan on my ever famous thyroid gland. No one in Ontario has more pictures of a thyroid gland than I do!

So, thankfully after checking my blood pressure, and finding it very normal, I didn't have to plead with him to let me watch the game tonight! Go Leafs go!

We did some shopping after we finished at the Dr's. Office, and after completing Lab work for blood.

My Dr. has the fanciest Medical Building in London!

We made it back home to Woodstock after shopping and lunch, and right away, Judy and I were off the Dentist Office... yikes... must be medical day for the snowbirds.

Turns out that it appears I have an actual cavity in one of my back teeth! Also have a loose wisdom tooth that is loose at the very back, and this tooth is blocking the one with the cavity. So, Dr. Pritchard will pull my wisdom tooth, and fill my cavity in a couple weeks. Maybe I won't be as smart after losing my wisdom tooth???

Well, gotta go and find my game face for tonight...

till tomorrow...



  1. They say your dreams are a reflection of what your subconscious is working on, if you're biggest worry in life is missing game three, I think that's a nice low level of stress you got there! (Not that I would even dream of missing game three myself, yuk yuk)

  2. That is a whack of human tune up. Good blood pressure is great. Failing wisdom tooth is not good but the result will be. so what if yo lose a bit of wisdom. At our age does it really matter?

    Go Leafs Go!!!!!

  3. I'm not sure about your 'game face', John, but after last night's game I don't think you'll be walking around with a happy face today.

    Leafs have to win the next game in Toronto.....or, they'll be joining the Canucks on the golf course soon.