Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nobody likes a late Blogger...

My excuse is that Deb and Gerard showed up with their new truck and trailer on their maiden voyage, and I have been too busy to blog again!

How is that for an excuse...

How about a nice brand new Tundra Truck, and a 31 foot Windjammer! What a beautiful pair they make. Two big slides on the travel trailer, and just out of the box!

They are all smiles after we got them set up on their lot. There is a lot of learning going on... we have all been there!

Before we set it up, Gerard and I just sat there thinking and talking about it! Our plan worked!

This afternoon we made it out to the Standard Tube Trail and took a nice walk... beautiful day out!

Checking out all the plants that are growing this time of the year.

We had a nice visit from Dale and Al this afternoon, who came over from Ayre to visit.

Gerard, Al, and I sat out to watch the Leaf game tonight! They women were in watching the other set, and it was not a hockey game they were watching! It was a nice night, and of course we had our blankies....

We are now in overtime... go Leafs go!

Till tomorrow...



  1. at least your team is still in it!
    lovely 'blankies' you boys have!! vote would be to get some 'manly' ones though. :)

  2. Its perfectly acceptable when socializing with friends to delay the blogging process. If it wasn't for that we would not have much to blog about.
    Enjoy you company and a big welcome to the rving lifestyle for Deb and Gerard.

  3. Looks like you had a great day until - the "overtime"!!

  4. Um ya, "overtime" kinda sucked. But it was one heck of a game!