Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flower Power...

Back on Mother's Day, Shawn and Jenn and Family sent Judy off to fetch some flowers to liven up things here at the RV.


Here she is out at our local Canadian Tire Store making some selections...

She ended up with 3 different pots of flowers... just to keep us in the spring fever. Chris and Kristina provided the Tomato Plant in the centre...some on it already!


This one she placed by our big tree flower bed. This bed has a whole bunch of different flowers and plants that bloom all summer.... we are all set.

Not too much else on the go this weekend. The weather today was lousy again... cool, wet... not what they advertised, that is for sure. Tomorrow is supposed to be better.

We did stop in for 1/2 an hour and had a visit with little Charles today. He continues to do well, but sure does not like anyone playing around with his diaper. As soon as it comes off, he just starts howling like a baby...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Flowers bring happiness no matter where you plant them.

  2. Too bad you had yukky weather there. was pretty nice out this way by mid afternoon.
    Sunday be better.

  3. Nice looking flowers and tomatoes to boot?

    It hasn't been a great weekend here either, but the sun's shining this morning.