Monday, May 20, 2013

I love Victoria Day!

Nothing better than good old May 24th long weekend. The weather here hit into the low 30's on the C. Scale today which was just perfect! Lots of sun and warm.

Kristina had requested some help today in the infant care department so we were happy to oblige. We all got to spend a great day together enjoying the kids.

Every time I looked at Judy today, she was in the above position! Charlie never said two words all day! Probably because he is a bit young to talk yet...

This is what Gwenny did all day today, well, at least most of the afternoon, when it got real hot!

Last week we had Gwenny with us while out shopping, and I let her pick out a toy for herself. She chose this real neat sand toy that also worked in the pool... check out the short videos.


A perfect day to spend outside in memory of Queen Victoria's Birthday!

Now, I did move in doors for an hour, as I did not want to miss the Google Hangout that Rick held today. It was great with people from California, Oregon, British Columbia, and Colorado, just to name a few, and of course good old Ontario!

The quality of the video was excellent, and you can see the other people on the call in the small icon pictures on the bottom of this iPad Screen Shot. That is Rick telling us all about changes at Google +

On the iPad, who ever started to speak, ended up with their picture as the main screen shot! Very cool!

I had trouble with my video for some reason at the start of the call, but after re starting the call, my camera finally started up.

Many thanks to Rick for hosting the call. It was worth it Rick, and you did a great job. I will put the cheque in the mail to you!


Till tomorrow...



  1. Gwenny was sure curious about how that first toy worked. Great clips!

    Looks like you got the trick of posting your blog to G+ down pat - that's where I saw it first!

    I'll be the first guy at the mailbox tomorrow waiting to get my cheque!!

  2. Like your choice of new toys for Gwenny. Lot's of summer fun ahead for her. Nice picture of Judy and Charlie. Have a great Tuesday!

  3. What a cool pool and beach toy!

    Everyone seemed thrilled with the G+ event. You guys/girls will be able to solve all of the world's problems soon.