Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getaway day...

Deb and Gerard were up early at the camp this morning, starting to pack up and get ready to head out at 8:00. They were on the road just after 9:00! Not bad for a couple rookies!


Forgot to get good pics this morning, but found this one on Judy's camera of Gerard getting the Tundra ready. They were heading south of the Border, into Ohio today. Destination is Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee! A great spot to visit!

Judy was in visiting Kristina this morning, while I was doing RV stuff... this afternoon was spent taking care of some personal business... but we did end up the day with a nice BBQ when Chris and Kristina brought Gwenny out to the Park.

Gwenny loves to ride around our playground in this red Porche! Maybe one day she will have a real one, with a fancy set of sunglasses!

So, Judy and I are going to be parents again!

Check out mother Robin sitting on her eggs just above our RV. We are not sure when she is due, but could be soon... it will be her or Kristina... not sure who will be first!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Parents with no tax deductions - yuck. Miss your airplane reports.

  2. Gwenny is adorable in those sunglasses. If I don't take pics during the day, I sometimes forget what we did.

  3. Who knows? Maybe Gwenny will be a race car driver when she grows up! She has the look!

  4. That is one cool looking Porsche that Gwenny is driving. Nice wheels!

  5. Your friends got off to a good start and will enjoy Pigeon Forge.
    Enjoying this nice weather but looks like it will cool down for a bit.