Wednesday, September 24, 2014

25 degrees...really???

Wow... Just like a a mid July day here, sunny, clear, and 25 Deg. C


I have been fighting a cold, so have not really been in a Blogging mood. Yesterday I had some Hospital tests in London, and the great news is all the results were very good, so this should now clear us for another winter's travel! Florida, here we come...just over a month now till blast off!


Judy took the above picture of Kristina, Chris, myself, along with Charlie and Gwenny enjoying a nice lasagne dinner that was held as a fund raiser at our Church tonight! Judy helped cook and put it all together. We enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...(cough cough...)


  1. Nice to her your checkup went well.
    Gotta love this weather right now.

  2. What a great feeling ti be given the green light, health wise, as you ready for the journey south. Hope you shake the cold soon.