Friday, September 5, 2014

Melt down Friday...

Whew... the temperatures are going through the roof here and we are now way into September! We are going to take it!

Not much happening here the past couple days other than working on the reno job at the Kid's house. Today and yesterday is starting into the final painting. Things are coming! Chris picked up the new floor material at Costco this week, and it looks great! No pictures today, but soon.

Went out shopping with Kristina this morning for some paint and other materials at Home Hardware, and the kids got to drive the rocket ship! They had a blast driving this thing, and I mentioned to the lady at the paint counter, that it might be in order to have Head Office send one for next year with 3 steering wheels in it! (lol)

After our shopping trip was done, I suggested to Kristina that I might spring for lunch at Micky D's, as the kids just love Happy Meals. It was no sooner out of my mouth, and the Honda was turning into McDonalds! They love playing in the real fancy play ground that you see above. They were 1/2 an hour in here, and I only had to rescue Gwenny once from up top.

Gwenny loved being in McDonald's Jail, as I called it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Your humidity would do us in. Summer is clearly hitting you hard.

  2. Fun pics of Charlie and Gwenny - nothing like being locked in jail in Mickey D's!

  3. Sure can't beat this hot weather for September.
    Looks like that project will soon be wrapped up.