Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project completed!

I was in on the job bright and early this morning, cleaning up a few loose ends, repairing some drywall holes, and touching up a bit of painting, however, this job is now completed! One new mudroom and sewing room finished.

This is what the room used to look like...

Above I start to take apart the old closet...
Some of the old subfloor had to come off above...

This room had really dark green paint, and the ceilings were all faded, damaged, and just not white anymore, and the floors had really old linoleum covering them, which was under old carpet. The whole room had to be renovated. Chris and Kristina had a plan. They wanted the old closet in the room removed, and a new wall put in to create a new mud room. I was not too sure how all this would work out, but what the heck, we have nothing but time! Let the destruction begin.

We soon had the old closet removed that opened up the room, and then we put in the new mud room wall. This reno took about 1 month and went fairly smooth.

Now lets see what the finished product looks like...

Above gives you a good idea of the new laminate flooring we put in, it turned out great! Costco flooring. You will see better pictures of the cabinets below...

Charlie and Gwenny ended up with a new "kids corner" where they can store some of their million toys, and artwork etc... great idea. Kristina comes up with good ideas for storage.

Here is another good idea for storage... the new mud room. Check it out! Everybody has a couple hooks to hang coats etc. on, and then there is a nice bench to sit on to put your shoes on, with lots of storage bins below the bench for storage of mitts and boots, etc! There is also a small broom closet I installed at the end of the mudroom that you don't see here for some strange reason. Check out the additional storage boxes up on the top shelf! Always thinking!
In case you can't remember where you hung your coat, your name is above your hook on these neat little blackboard signs Kristina made up!

Kristina also owns a million and a half books, so she has a nice book shelf, along with a computer/sewing desk set up in the new room with storage above. The patio doors you see on the right, lead out to the back deck.


This is the last piece of the puzzle, in progress. Chris is building a new stereo cabinet for a massive old record collection he has put together. He has just started assembling it now, and I will post further pictures when he is finished.

As you can tell, Chris and Kristina had a good plan on what they wanted to do with this room, along with lots of great decorating ideas and tricks. The whole family will get lots of enjoyment out of this new room!

This project really turned out nice, and gives all new utility to the family for that back room. Now what am I going to do with all this free time on my hands....

Till tomorrow...



  1. Job well done, wash and wax your vehicles, plan some southern adventures, and relax.

  2. Looks terrific, John, great job!

    I like those signs above the hooks, too!

    I think you must be due for a good Mac & Cheese dinner, right Kristina?

  3. Nice project to undertake. It looks great. I am with Rick on the call for a good Mac & Cheese dinner. It is so well deserved....!