Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Work continues...

We have had better weather so far in September, than we had in August...go figure.

Work continued on the job today, as I managed to frame in the new closet inside the new mud room, and also managed to bang up the drywall on it as well...

Judy had the kids over to the local Library for a kid's program... after they got back, Gwenny and Charlie discouvered that i had built a new closet, and they wanted to play hide and seek in it!

They were having a ball, but as Gwenny reminded us yesterday... the floors are not done yet Pop Pop!

Managed to get the first coat of mud and drywall paper on today, so this is good. This also marks a milestone on this job, the drywall work is all done! Just have to finish it off! It is coming!

This afternoon Judy and I rode over to London on my Motorcycle, to pick Her's up! It was at Hully Gully for some work!

We had a new rear tire installed on Her Suzuki Burgman, plus the rear end oil changed, so she is all set to fly! It was a great afternoon for a ride!

Till tormorrow...



  1. Its nice that the drywall is done and only a little time each day for mudding.
    Perfect day for a ride soon you ready to go.

  2. Great to see you've got some good little helpers there working with you!