Monday, September 22, 2014

Gearing down now...

Judy and I headed in to check on the Reno's this morning. Judy entertained Charlie and Gwenny while Kristina caught up on a few things, leaving me to install some new shelves back in the mud room, and her new sewing room. This job should be wrapped up this week some time, and I hope to put up some finished pics later on.

Last week we managed to update our two iPads, and our iPhone 5 with the new IOS 8. There are quite a few new features I really like about it, including one that works out well for us, "The Personal Hotspot".

Our internet is delivered to my iPad, and our iPhone. Judy uses the hotspot to obtain internet with her iPad. Previous to IOS 8, we had to keep resetting the hotspot everytime she wanted to surf. Not any more... all she has to do now is to turn on her iPad, and it hooks up to my iPad right away if they are within range of each other.

Also I like the new features around the camera, and editing your phots. I have not got into all the new bells and whistles yet, but these ones are used by us the most, and have the bigges impact.

Well, Pre-season NHL Games start tonight for my Maple Leafs, so I had to hook up and get my Shaw Direct Hockey Receiver reset. All is good to go for another season... we can only hope!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice to be wrapping things up and soon be getting ready to head south again.

  2. I found a lot of neat new things on iOS 8 as well. Have you tried the "burst" mode taking pics at 10 frames per second yet? It's great for taking pics of the kids in action. Just hold the shutter button down and it snaps away like crazy!