Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ya, Paris Baby...

Wow... with weather like this, I am heading to Paris...on my motorcycle of course! 26 deg. C and no clouds AGAIN here today... will it ever end? Hard to believe. More yet to come!

As we drove through farm country in Oxford County, we passed these bullrush type of plants, that were brilliant white with tassels on top... however it does not show good in the pictures... it was neat to look at.


We passed by lots of these in the picture above... after all, we are the dairy capital of Canada apparently... One thing for sure, the fall colours were out here in full force... it would be neat to be up in Muskoka right now.

We had the bikes all revved up and ready to go this morning... Paris was on our mind.

We walked the Conservation Trails that run beside the Grand River up to the City of Cambridge. This is a great trail, and thankfully, it had lots of shade, as it was way too hot in the full sun.

We checked out the old rail tressel across the Grand... don't mention it now, but I have blogged about this before...

These fishermen, had more equipment than most fishing boats carry, and they never caught a thing! I asked them... they were honest!

Everywhere we looked we saw colours just like above, on the boardwalk up to the tressel... just an amazing day! Nice to get out on the bikes, and put in a 3 1/2 mile walk!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great weather and location for a motorcycle ride. Hope your good weather holds for a good long time to make up for partial summer weather that evaded you.

  2. We really and lucky to he able to enjoy this awesome weather at the end of September. Was great that you got out on the bikes.

  3. Great looking place for a bike ride. I do remember you going to Paris last year too.