Monday, September 29, 2014

A busy couple days, but "hey", it's Summer!

Summer continues here in southern Ontario, and I am liking it! Today was simpy stunning with lots of sun, nice mid 20's temperatures, what else could you ask for.

On Sunday, Judy and I jumped into the Cruze and headed for a quick trip up north to Orillia. We left early, at 7:00 a.m., in order to arrive around 10:00 and be able to meet up with my Mom at her Church. St. James Anglican Church is a landmark structure on Peter Street in the Downtown area. Judy and I were married here over 40 years ago! Yikes! We had a great day with Mom, and were able to enjoy a great lunch at the local Boston Pizza Restaurant. Mom and I both love pineapple, so we enjoyed a great Hawaiian Pizza! We were able to help her out with some shopping that she wanted to get done, and then it was time to head back to Woodstock.

We knew that our friend David, was heading to Woodstock to visit us on Sunday evening! We headed south on Highway 11 and phoned David's car, only to find he was about 10 minutes behind us on the road! It was just over 3 hours to make it back, and we headed right downtown Woodstock to enjoy a great dinner with David at Charles Dickens Restaurant! This is a nice Irish Pub style place, and we had to enjoy some draft beer. David ended up staying the night in our RV, as he has big plans for today. He is heading down to stay at his Condo in Lake Havasu City, which is a 30 hour drive from here! Yikes... He will get there later in the day Wednesday. Keep those wheels turning David! His wife, Angela will be flying down this coming weekend, to join up with him in the south!

After David left at 5:00 a.m. this morning, yawn, I went back to bed! Once Judy and I woke up, we headed down to the Standard Tube Trails, and put in a nice morning walk! Felt so nice in the great weather, while enjoying fall colours. Don't look now, but time is getting short before it is time to hit the road!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Another busy fun day enjoying this amazing weather.

  2. Hawaiian is my favorite at Boston Pizza as well. I've been wondering when you and Judy might be planning on heading south. Sounds like it won't be too long although with summer in Ontario, who needs Florida??