Saturday, September 6, 2014

I got an "IKEA"....

Back on the job today working on the reno's all day. Put the second coat of ceiling white paint on, and it is now all finished! Only walls and floors to Monday will be first coat of finish on the walls, as I work my way down to the floors.

Today was the first time I ever hung a door... have you tried to do that??? Not quite as easy as you may think, as all of a sudden nothing your working on is square anymore it seems!

After a few hours... I prevailed over the door! Trim and handle set have yet to be installed, but all in good time.

I was laughing, as Judy came in and took care of the kids today, while Chris and Kristina headed over to Stoney Creek to visit Ikea. When they came home, I took a look inside the van and started laughing!

They bought a whole bunch of new furniture, some for the kid's bedroom, and lots for the new room we are finishing off in the reno. I want to know who is going to put all this stuff together??? Have you ever seen an Ikea set of assembly instructions! Good luck!

Sure cooled off today, from the heat of yesterday! 12 deg. C. cooler here today than yesterday!


Here is a shout out to my older Brother, Richard, who lives up in Orillia with his Wife, Susan, and Family. In the big storm around 6:00 p.m. last night, they had reports of a tornado setting down in Orillia. Richard's sub-division took some real heavy winds, and the siding was removed from 2 walls of Richard's house, along with some bald spots up on the roof as the shingles were torn off. There are no trees standing in his neighbourhood any more, and there was a bunch of big one! The best part was no one was hurt, and eventually Richard and Family made their way out of the basement! Best place to be! Looks like winds might have been close to 100 mph!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Ikea stuff can be fun but I would rather do the drywall.
    Good thing that no one was injured during the tornado.

  2. I detest having to put any furniture together - Ikea or not!

    Glad to hear your brother and family weren't hurt in that scary storm event.

  3. Storms sure reek havoc. It is good to learn that your brother and his family came through the most recent one unhurt. The house damage can be fixed.....!

    Nice work on the reno.