Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On to the floors... we are getting there!

Today I got started on laying down the laminated flooring at the Kid's house... the job is moving forward! I have not done this type of work for a while, and found the day to be a bit of a challenge. They bought a very high end type of flooring at Costco, and it is a challenge to get it installed right.


You can see the new flooring going in above... it is over 1/2 an inch thick, as it has the under padding attached right to it. You have to take your time, and use the old addage..."measure twice, cut once!"

I stayed back from the walls by 1/2 an inch. New trim work will take care of that gap, and you will not see it at all. They made a great choice of floor colouring, and this will look great when it is all installed!

There was lots of cutting around door ways and the new wall I put in, so progress was a bit slow today...that's OK, I have all day for stuff like this! Will be back at it tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Looks nice. I'd be hitting the bottle of tylenol right about now.

  2. Looking great, John. I've laid laminate floors down quite a bit and no matter how often each time presents obstacles to overcome. It seems that all laminate click-floors work a bit differently.

    It's a job you'll be happy to finish I'm sure.