Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wild night in Waterloo...

Beautiful late summer day here in Woodstock... lots of sun and pretty warm... Pretty well put the finishing touches on the Reno Project at the Kid's House. Whew... Just some items outstanding around their new furniture they are putting in the room. Tomorrow I will do a wrap up on the Reno Job.

This afternoon we went for a nice September walk along the Lake Pittock Trail...

At first it was not very peacefull, as this freight train went wizzing past, on it's way back to the Woodstock Toyota Plant with fill those cars up with a fresh load of new Rav 4's for the U.S. Market.

Just up from the train tressel, is the Pittock Dam. They use this to control the level of Lake Pittock, which is man made using the dam.

It was a great day to enjoy the trails along side the Lake, and the Thames River... then all the fun began!

We headed up to Waterloo to stop in and see Deb and Gerard. They just got back from the Alaska Cruise, and had a blast. They were telling us all about it!

If you look real close, you can see them on their balcony enjoying some

At 6:00 we headed down to Wild Wings to enjoy dinner with a great bunch of Friends...


We enjoyed a great night out with all our Group that heads up to Deb and Gerard's Cottage, up at Sauble Beach each summer... think Summer Cottage Olympics... (Oh ya, I did win the Gold Medal this year...(AGAIN!))

This is a bit of a wild picture to go with the Wild Wings, and I am not going to get into names, but just know that we all had a blast, and a few of the World's problems were solved tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nothing quite like a good feast of wings, and a get together with friends, fun times.

  2. You're a 2 time Olympic Gold Medal Champion - I'm impressed!

    Looks like a nice hike but the dinner with friends looked even better!

  3. A bit of work, a bit of exercise, a bit of food, and a get together with friends sounds like a near perfect few days.

  4. Nice to see pix of Pittock Lake. I lived in Woodstock when it was built, and my dad was the City's rep on the Conservation Authority at the time. Later spent a lot of time canoeing up in the upper end of the lake. That Alaska cruise sounds awesome too.