Monday, September 1, 2014

Is Labour Day a Holiday, when your retired???

This has to be one of the warmest Labour Day Weekends we have experienced for quite a while. You just had to think about doing anything today, and you started sweating!

One thing in our Park about Labour Day... it means FREE LUNCH! They get all the left over turkey and fixins from the Sunday night dinner, add a bunch of buns and you are all set for a great free lunch with desert to boot. Judy and I enjoyed!

This morning to celebrate Labour Day, Judy and I headed in and completed some more mudding and taping of the drywall on the wall we built on Saturday. I have two coats of mud on it now, and hopefully tomorrow after sanding, it will be close for priming.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Thats the problem with being retired, we never get a day off.

  2. Nice work with the wall. I have seen the weather reports with forecasts that have you folks having to deal with high humidity and heat.

  3. I don't envy you the job of mudding and sanding - both despicable jobs!

    Then, you get to paint!