Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back into Woodstock tonight...

Taking life easy tonight, after a whirlwind tour up to Bracebridge and back. As mentioned yesterday, we attended a surprise Birthday Party for our good friend David.

That is David in the red shirt... his Wife, Angela really surprised him on this one, as he did not have a clue when he walked into the Rotary Centre where the Party was held.

Now, if you look at the cake, you may actually see Santa and a bunch of tiny raindeer... you would be right! David's Birthday is not until Dec. 27, but Angela decided to hold the party now, when everyone was around, and not down south. Hence, the Christmas theme to the Party. Heck, Judy even wore her Christmas vest to the Party.

Anyways... sure was a great time. Angela had a great lasagne dinner catered to the 60 people plus who attended... There were lots of stories told, and Judy put together with help from Angela, a 145 slide Power Point Presentation that ran all night on a big screen. It was a big hit!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds like a great party, good thing that you could attend.

  2. Hey John, the least you could have done was dress up like Santa Claus!

    I'm betting your friend was surprised by a birthday party in September!