Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall is falling...

The Fall colours are sure at their max right now, and it has been kind of nice as we are enjoying great summer temperatures right now... however that may be coming to an end, as we had rain today, and things started to cool off quite a bit. Maybe a couple warm days left, we will see.

It has been summer down in Johnson City, Tennessee, where the Hollinger Clan is getting setteled into their nice new home, and work and school. They have been a very busy bunch this fall, good to see. I borrowed a couple pictures off of the Facebook Pages to show you what is happening...

Paige is going to Pre-School and they just visited a local farm which is always fun to do at this time of year.

Looks like they had a great wagon ride...
Pumpkin time is coming soon...

When I was a kid, I was always a little concerned about getting to close to these goats with real horns... but Paige looks like she is right into it!

Emmie is in Grade 1 in Tennessee, and I was laughing, as a week or so ago, they had a School Spirit Week, where the kids get to dress up...

Above was Super Hero Day, as you see Super Emmie ready to fly!

Hawaiian Day... most favourite spot I ever visited!

Good old Western Days in a Country Music State would go over big!

...and my favourite one, dress like your Mom did in the 70's when she went to school! lol Love it! Great hair Emmie!

Sounds to me like they have lots of school spirit at Emmie's school, good to see!

This morning we enjoyed coffee with Kristina and the kids, and went for a nice fall day walk on the Standard Tube Trails...

Till tomorrow...



  1. A few more warm fall days here would be wonderful!

  2. I am sure you two are anxious to be heading to visit the Hollingers in Tennessee. Not a lot of decent fall weather to keep you in Ontario, I imagine.

  3. Emmie and Paige are both beautiful little girls. I'm betting both you and Judy can't wait to see them again.

    It's definitely going to be frost on the pumpkin time soon!