Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hard at work…

After I delivered Judy out to the Prison for her day at work, I headed back to the RV and spent the entire day working on moto-tote. (yes, again)  I worked on the wiring as I wanted to get the lights all working and ready to go.

It worked out very well! 

When we purchased the Blue Ox Tow package, the dealer installed a complete separate set of light on the Jeep, to be used only during towing.  These new light were incorporated into the existing rear lights on the Jeep.  Today, I spliced into the wiring of this system and made my own wiring harness. 

Now, when the Jeep is being towed, all the lights work on the back of the moto-tote.  Also, if we are driving the Jeep without the motor home, we plug the moto-tote into the trailer harness on the Jeep, and you have lights again on the moto-tote!  Perfect!

It took all day, but I took my time and did it right!  I also soldered all the wire connections, and there were many! 

Tomorrow, is a big day.  I will hook the Jeep and the Burgman, behind the Motor Home, and see if the Duramax is able to pull it all.  I want to see how it will all handle.  Not to worry folks, we are within weight limits on the towing, this I make 100% sure of. 

We have Debbie and Gerard from Waterloo coming to spend the weekend with us on Saturday.  Looks like the weather is going to be excellent for a good visit!

Till tomorrow…

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