Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, it was a Play Doh Party!

This morning Emmie and I had a big party going out on the back deck after breakfast… yes, a play doh party!  It is great have time to play with the grandkids!  Enjoy every minute of it!


We spent about 2 1/2 hours together making everything you can imagine out of play doh…


Everytime she made something, she wanted me to take a picture of it!  Here is a dog she made.


At lunch time Daddy woke up, and we had lunch and decided it was too hot to do anything, other than go to the WATER PARK!  It is in Jonesborough, about a 20 minute drive from the house.


It was a pretty cool park with lots of slides.


Emmie and Jenn ripping up the water park!

Dr. Shawn has Paige, and I am holding Emmie!


Paige and Jenn sat in the shallow water, notice the water falling right behind Jenn off a big Coke Cola Sign.


Looks like both Paige and her Doctor Daddy were a little tired this afternoon after the swims…


Paige has to wear this shirt to remind us all of who she really is!


Now you have to check this out… On the way home from dinner, we stopped at a Tennessee version of a liquor store, to buy some wine for Jenn.  I found this Mason Jar full of Tennessee Moonshine, that sold for only $27.00 American.   It is pure grain alcohol and is about 190 proof.  Love the packaging…  no, I left it sitting on the shelf…


We had a very busy day as you can see, and I have to inform you, that today Jenn spoke to the owners of Foodland, and they admit they made a mistake with the Tennessee liquor laws on ID requirements, and decided it was safe to sell us Canadians some beer after all!

Till tomorrow…

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