Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take a hike!

Another nice warm day today in Johnson City, so this morning we decided to take a hike!  Dr. Shawn wanted to go and check out Buffalo Mountain, the one in Tennessee, not New York!

It was only a 20 minute drive from the house, and we found ourselves on the trailhead.  Shawn has this real neat GPS watch that is used by runners and hikers, and he plugged in a geocache site that we had to find.  It was hidden in a hole, under a log, and covered by a piece of wood.  Here is the crew going through the contents, and Emmie was able to keep the die in her hand. 


Here is where it was hidden…DSCN4880

Jenn got to carry Paige, Shawn carried Emmie on his back pac, and I carried supplies in a back pac.


Only a 1/4 mile in, we hit a lookout, at Huckleberry Point.  It offers a great view of Johnson City.  The big group of buildings in the centre of this picture is the Hospital where Shawn is now a 3rd. year resident Paediatrician.  Apparently last night I made him sound like a bit of a bum, as I mentioned he slept in till noon.  Forgot to tell you all he had just finished a 24 hour shift on call. 


Here is my favourite pic of the day of the Hollinger gang with Johnson City looming in the background.


We walked out about a mile up the trail before we turned around to head back.  Notice to the right of Jenn, all the forest here has burned, about a couple of years ago apparently…


After we turned around and started heading back to the car, this guy below was blocking our path… We were up about 2,800 feet, and there was no water around anywhere.  He was a pretty big turtle.DSCN4890


Here is Emmie and the medal she found on the hike today.  It was hanging in a tree, and she was the only one to see and find it out of all of us… so smart



Just before Jenn presented us with a great Mexican Dinner, Emmie and I got caught up on our colours…


Paige was keeping her eye on Emmie to make sure she used the right crayon….


Sure has been a great week down here in Tennessee. Enjoyed every minute of it!  However all good things seem to come to an end, and I will start my journey back to Gravenhurst.  It will be a two day trip back, hopefully the weather hangs in for a couple more days.

Till tomorrow…

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