Monday, August 23, 2010

We will have the “best of both worlds”…

It is a good thing I am retired, because I do not know how I would get everything done in a day and have to work too… I know I did it for 37 years but…

Regular RV duties occupied the morning and then this afternoon, Judy and I went down to Orillia to celebrate the life of Elva Francis, who was the Mother of our good friend Debbie.  Elva was in Her 90th year and had a good life!  Debbie delivered an amazing Eulogy in tribute of Her Mom!

After the Celebration, Judy and I headed down to Scarborough, to find a place called Ontario Cycle, that had a used Moto-tote for sale, on Kajiji…  It was exactly what we were looking for so we bought it!  It was too late for me to take pictures of it when we got home, but I will add a file picture for your reference.  It will allow us to bring Judy’s Suzuki Burgman with us, behind the Jeep this winter as we head through Arizona and California!  Or, as I like to now say, will give us the best of both worlds, having our Jeep and one of our motorcycles with us.  We will be 3 months staying at Desert Hot Springs, and it will be put to good use there. 

We were able to put it on the back of our Jeep prior to buying it, and  it was exactly what I was hoping for.  It sits high, and we put 400 lbs on the lift, and the Jeep hardly moved down!  Perfect.

This is a file picture from the Moto-Tote web site of the exact model we bought today.


I will repaint the lift, as well as I will build a custom set of lights to go on the rear of the lift to warn following traffic, just like hooking up a trailer.

I am in the mood for a bit of a work project right now, so this is just what the Dr. ordered!

Till tomorrow…

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