Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One year ago today! Good bye RBC (Royal Bank)…

Three hundred and sixty five days of being retired, and am I sick of it yet?  No way!  I am loving being retired… just tonight Judy and I were out for a walk around our KOA, and got to talking… the subject of reading came up, and this summer alone I have read 3 big novels!  I have never read 3 novels in one summer in my life… how retirement changes us… I discovered I love reading!  Guess now I know why my Daughter owns about 16,304 books! 

Never once in the past year have I felt bored!  There always seems to be something to do, someone to meet, someone to talk to on the phone, someone to email, something to fix, somewhere to ride the motorcycle, somewhere to ride the RV, and it just goes on and on… in a month and a half, Judy will retire from the Federal Government, and I hope she feels the same way I do about retirement… I think she will!

It was way to hot here to do anything.  This morning I sat outside and finished reading my latest book.  This afternoon I had a great idea Light bulb and decided to take the motorcycle out and take a little tour of Bracebridge.  It is a quaint little Town in the heart of Muskoka.  

This first pic is of the falls, at the bottom of the Main Street, they are a bit of a landmark in this area.


This is the river downstream of the falls, and is very popular for boating and swimming… you can take your boat from here, right out into Lake Muskoka.


Every Town has a main street, and Bracebridge is no exception.  Lots of trendy shops that cater to the tourist!  (That means, inflated prices!)  They do a lot of business in July and August!


I took a drive out Beaumont Drive, that follows the Muskoka River, and leads to Lake Muskoka.  Santa’s Village is along the road, and today, Santa had the boat out as it was so hot.  Hey Jennifer, don’t forget to show this picture to Emmie, and remind her Christmas is coming!  Looked like Rudolf and Prancer leading the boat up the River today!  My favourite picCamera of the day!


This is my second favourite pictureCamera of the day, a typical Muskoka scene along the Muskoka River…



Well, here is hoping my second year of retirement goes as well, and is as much fun as the first year was! Open-mouthed smile

Till tomorrow…

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