Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The preparation starts!

It is good to hear Al from the Bayfield Bunch is feeling better today, he has been under the weather for the past couple of days but is on the mends!

He reminded me in his blog tonight, about work that is required to be completed to our RV before we leave for the South West again this fall.  There always seems to be lots of work to do, and new projects to complete.  

One of them is our Moto-Tote.  I did a bit of work with it today and got it installed on our Jeep.

The first couple pics tonight are of the ramp itself.  The first one shows the side ramp you use to load your motorcycle with.


We have to take the spare tire off the Jeep before we can load the motorcycle…



There we go, we got the bike loaded… it was a bit of a challenge to do the first time by myself, but I got through…


If you look to the right of the bike, down by the muffler, you will see where the ramp is stowed while you are driving… a spot for everything!


Judy is all happy the Burgman is the same colour as the Jeep, you have to stay co-ordinated you know…


There are still a number of things I have to do, such as put light on the ramp, as well as paint it… so the work is not done yet!

I took the Jeep out for  a spin with the bike on the back, and all went well.  You can feel it on the back as it weights just over 400 lbs.

I am not sure what to do about my licence plate on the Jeep, you cannot see it from the rear… any thoughts anybody???

Till tomorrow…


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  1. John...you will now need a camera system if you do not already have one to keep an eye on your jeep and the burgman....something I am researching for my 5th wheel.

    Bob H