Friday, August 13, 2010

Temperature record set in Tennessee! Yikes!!!

Oh yeah, it was warm here today in the small Town of Grey, Tennessee, where our Son and his Wife live.  It hit about 97 degrees F. here today, which the guy on the TV said was some kind of a record for the day. 

I was washing my motorcycle in the driveway this morning, and the water coming from the hose was hot!

The other day my Daughter Kristina posted a picture of a sign she came across, which said, “Unattended children will receive an Espresso and a free kitten”.  She found it in an ice cream shop.  

Not to be outdone, in Gatlinberg the other day I came across this one…


Add this one to your collection Kristina!

Today I still had some energy, so I spent the morning washing my motorcycle, (getting it ready for the trip home soon) and I washed up Shawn and Jenn’s Accent.  Moved it into the garage out of the sun and waxed and cleaned the interior.  I think I sweated out about a gallon and a half during the process… man was it hot!

Judy wanted me to get some close up pics of the kids…

This is Paige… she is 4 1/2 months…


Jenn worked on changing the water this afternoon in the kid’s swimming pool, here is Emmie trying it out after we had finished… she said the quality control was excellent!


Emmie was all dressed up to go shopping this evening with us… she loves to shop. Emmie is now 2 1/2.


This evening I tried to go into the local Food City Store, and purchase a case of beer for my Son.  When I got to the cash, I was asked for my ID, and the girl looks at it and runs off somewhere with my D/L.  She eventually comes back, and tells me I cannot buy beer at the store, unless I have a U.S. Government issued ID card.  When I explained I was a visiting Canadian to Tennessee, she looked at me like I was from MARS!   No beer tonight!  Beware Canadians when in Tennessee….

Till tomorrow…

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