Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Under the weather day…

Woke up this morning a little under the weather with a booming headache, and basically no energy.  Took Judy off to the prison and spent the rest of the day not doing a whole lot.

Felt better after dinner tonight, so decided to go into bike night at Muskoka Wharf.  Judy is down in Kingston tonight on Prison business so headed of by myself.

Nice night equals nice turn out for bike night…

A guy from Bracebridge owns this totally custom machine… big bucks!


Just about every Wednesday night, the OPP have one of their Officers come down and mingle with the crowd.   They always bring one of their machines down! 


One of my friends traded this Harley a year ago, on a brand new Harley. He never was real happy with his new Harley, so why not trade it in a year later and get your old bike back that the dealership couldn’t sell.


Lots going on at the Wharf tonight, with the firefighters practicing their bagpipe band…


Operation central…



The boats were busy as usual…


Two guys flew into the Wharf with this brand new aircraft.   It had some special warning on one of the doors, about it being a special approved experimental prototype plane… not sure what that was all about…


Lots of nice sunsets in Muskoka…


Every Wednesday night there is a boat and water ski show put on by Boston Pizza…. they were right into it tonight.

They had a big banner, which is going to be shipped over to Afghanistan, in support of our troops who are over fighting for freedom.  Our local Sobeys will put on a BBQ this Friday and raise money to go with the banner. Apparently they do this every year, and raise a substantial amount of money for the troops.


Till tomorrow…

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  1. Thanks for the tour and great pics of the bike meet! Looks like a fun way to spend a Wednesday evening.