Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honda, let the good times roll…

Take a look at the nice shinny Honda Shadow 750 in the picture below… these things do not stay that nice and shinny without a whole bunch of loving…. 

I am planning another road trip next week.  Going to load up the Honda and head down to Johnson City, Tennessee to visit Shawn and Jenn, not forgetting Emmie and Paige!  

So, today was a maintenance day to make sure the Shadow is up to the job next week.  New Spark Plugs were installed today, along with an oil change and filter, and the final drive oil at the back wheel was also changed today.  A complete inspection was also completed, including an adjustment to the back brake. 



I have always enjoyed working on motorcycles over the years, and usually had one that was quite old and in need of constant repair.  Not the case with this bike.  I bought it brand new in 2007, and although it already has over 31,000 klms. on it, it is still in excellent condition.  They make the machines much better these days than they did from the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Engineering is so much better, and materials are better.  All this makes for a very reliable ride!


In these pictures, you will see that I raise the bike up to work on it.  I am able to carry this jack inside our motorcycle trailer, and it sure makes doing all this work a lot easier. 

Well, all is now well with the machine, and it is ready to roll to Tennessee.  Will be taking a look at the weather this weekend for next week to see if I can get a good window to make the two day drive down.  It is about 13 to 14 hours door to door. 

That was about all that happened here today, and did I mention it was a bit warm here today also!!!!!!!!! Yikes.

Till tomorrow…

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