Sunday, August 8, 2010

“Travel” is in the air….(again)

Just a short post tonight, travel is in the air…

What a day for rain!  It started at about 8:00 this morning and finally stopped around 6:00 tonight… at least it stayed real warm!

Yes, travel is in the air!  I was talking with Shawn and Jenn via skype tonight, and I have decided to load up my trusty Honda and head south tomorrow morning for Tennessee.  Shawn let me know he will be off on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, including next weekend so timing is good to be be able to see him.  He is a busy man working all kinds of hours at the Hospital as he completes his residency in Pediatrics. 

I will be taking my computer with me on the trip, so will hopefully be able to keep up on posting while in Tennessee.  Stay tuned!  I hear it is still real hot down there… 90 plus degrees F. and will be for the next while. 

I will only drive halfway tomorrow and stay somewhere overnight and complete the 14 hour trip on Tuesday.  Hopefully the hotel tomorrow night will have some Wi-Fi.

Till tomorrow…

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