Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Live… from Tennessee… RVlifeonwheels blog!

Yes, I am back on the blog, and living in Tennessee!  I thought it was hot back up in Muskoka…ha, you should see down here! 

Made it down about 5:30 on Tuesday afternoon in Shawn and Jenn’s driveway!  Just in time for Jenn to made me a nice pizza for dinner!

Of course it was great to see the kids!

Took this at the Pennsylvania  welcome centre.

I did not know the Declaration of Independence was kept in this state!


Check this out… it is an American “Loonie”…   They give these out for change at a pop machine, and are just starting to go into circulation.


My trusty Honda parked at the Econolodge in Pittsburg, PA.


It was hot in Tennesse when I got to the house, and the kids went for a swim after supper… here is Emmie.


Little Paige has Her own swimming device…


All lined up for the pic…


At noon today, we made it to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area, which was all made for the tourist!



Emmie getting a ride from Dad…


We went up the mountain at Gatlinburg on the Gondola Car, it was a blast.


At the top of the mountain, the first thing we did was go Skating, yes, skating in Tennessee… here is Emmie all set to go for the 1st time in her life!


Here is Shawn and Emmie out on on the ice… yes, we all wore our shorts and t-shirts out skating, it was warm.


Emmie can’t go past a train without going for a ride…


She went for a ride in a corvette…


We all took a ski lift up further on the mountain, and then jumped on a sled and slid down the mountain.  Shawn and Emmie and I were on the ski lift near the top of the mountain, and right below us a bear walked out of the bush and was looking around!  Did not have the camera handy, so you will just have to believe me…


Shawn and Jenn with Emmie loading on the ski lift.


When we finished all the rides, we jumped back on the Gondola for the ride back down… here is an ariel view of Gatlinburg.


Back home, baby Paige, is all set to go to bed after her bath, wearing her scrubs… what else would a Dr. Daughter wear to bed!


Overall, a very busy day.  We had a chance to explain it all to Judy via Skype conference call tonight.  We all had fun!    Tomorrow the pace will be a bit slower, with the Dr. having to go back to work at the Hospital.

Till tomorrow…

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